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We are obsessed with trailer music. The stings, the hits, the beats, the rhythms. And we know our film music catalog is the perfect pairing for your trailers. Now you can use iconic music from world-renowned composers - no hassle, easy-to-clear, just music.

We've listed some of our favorite trailer tracks below. We've even re-mixed and re-imagined some tracks specifically for trailers - make sure to check out the trailer mix for Jóhann Jóhannsson's "The Beast" and Moonlab's remix of "Bride of Deluxe" from Drive. And of course, stems are available on request for any further tweaks to fit the cut precisely.

Alongside our scores, listen to our burgeoning collection of songs; both indie tracks curated especially for trailers like Ben Lam's electro-pop song, "Comets", and known tracks re-invented and re-recorded for trailer use such as Sarah Simmons' haunting take on "The Hills".

And, as you're looking and listening, please reach out and call us for what you need! Not only do we have a creatively obsessive team who wants to help you find the perfect track but also some of our best work has arisen from bespoke collaborations with trailer-houses. Our award-winning track, "Unlocking The Mind" from The Theory Of Everything campaign is the perfect example of our production team, talented composer relationships, and trailer-house direction all coming together in perfect harmony.

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