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An intense atmospheres arises from aggressive, glitchy synth leads and pads. A modern day homage to classic horror themes from days past.
Composer: Adrian Johnston
Label: Varese Sarabande
Release Date: 2018
Vocals Array
BPM: 95
100% One-Stop Licensing Through Music.Film
Publisher 1: Byzz Limited. Administered by Cutting Edge Music Publishing Ltd.
Publisher 1 Percentage: 50%
Publisher 1 PRO: PRS
Publisher 1 CAE/IPI: 388627211
Publisher 2: Cutting Edge Music Publishing Ltd
Publisher 2 Percentage: 50%
Publisher 2 PRO: PRS
Publisher 2 CAE/IPI: 388627211
Writer : Adrian Johnston
Writer Percentage: 100%
Writer PRO: PRS
Writer CAE/IPI: 160159688
ISRC: US3M51855615
Custom Track ID: 14075