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Finding the Player

A gloomy, mysterious orchestral ensemble overflows with sensations of uncertainty, fear and pursuit. It feels as though we're hot on the trail of our target, but must remain tactical to avoid detection. The ending builds momentum feverishly before coming to an abrupt halt.
Composer: Benji Paul Merrison
Release Date: 2021
BPM: 90
100% One-Stop Licensing Through Music.Film
Publisher 1: First Score Music Limited
Publisher 1 Percentage: 100%
Publisher 1 PRO: PRS
Publisher 1 CAE/IPI: 780309244
Writer : Benji Paul Merrison
Writer Percentage: 100%
Writer PRO: PRS
Writer CAE/IPI: 429277239
ISRC: GB6LT2100189
Custom Track ID: 19101