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Flight Cancelled

An uneasy feeling emanates from cold, dark synth leads, synth pads, Synth Bass and frightening sound design elements. Tensions swell and dissipate alongside the rustling of metallic percussion, conjuring an unsettling atmosphere.
Composer: Tyler Bates
Release Date: 2017
BPM: 105
Mode: Minor
100% One-Stop Licensing Through Music.Film
Publisher 1: Score Starr Music
Publisher 1 Percentage: 87.5%
Publisher 1 PRO: BMI
Publisher 1 CAE/IPI: 714481746
Publisher 2: Starr Score Songs
Publisher 2 Percentage: 12.5%
Publisher 2 PRO: ASCAP
Publisher 2 CAE/IPI: 713287352
Writer : Tyler Bates
Writer Percentage: 75%
Writer PRO: BMI
Writer CAE/IPI: 335693836
Writer : Dieter Hartmann
Writer Percentage: 12.5%
Writer PRO: BMI
Writer CAE/IPI: 647424044
Writer : Timothy Williams
Writer Percentage: 12.5%
Writer CAE/IPI: 417607756
ISRC: GB6LT1700682
Custom Track ID: 13484