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Upscale party vibes emanate from this stylish electro piece featuring synths, hard-hitting electronic drums and beautiful melodies from an oud. A wide variety of instruments from India are included in the ensemble.
Composer: Aisha
Release Date: 2022
BPM: 85
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Publisher 1: Halidon Edizioni Musicali
Publisher 1 Percentage: 50%
Publisher 1 PRO: SIAE
Publisher 2: Il Suono Del Successo Music Production
Publisher 2 Percentage: 16.7%
Publisher 2 PRO: SIAE
Publisher 3: Multiforce Di Tiziano Giupponi
Publisher 3 Percentage: 16.7%
Publisher 3 PRO: SIAE
Publisher 4: Soulgem Records Sas Di D'Aprile Maurizio
Publisher 4 Percentage: 17%
Publisher 4 PRO: SIAE
Writer : Tamara Medici
Writer Percentage: 66.66%
Writer PRO: SIAE
Writer : Paolo Domeniconi
Writer Percentage: 33.34%
Writer PRO: SIAE
ISRC: ITD541800812