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End Mix

A mash-up of all the pieces from Bushwick come together in this mega-mix of intense, spacey and dark proportions. Like an intense flashback that won’t stop - it comes in waves and movements. The only resolution is an ending of dissonant synth leads interacting with each other.
Composer: Aesop Rock
Album: Bushwick
Release Date: 2017
Vocals Array
BPM: 85
Publisher 1: 21 Bazooka Salute
Publisher 1 Percentage: 50%
Publisher 1 PRO: SESAC
Publisher 1 CAE/IPI: 430774858
Publisher 2: Cutting Edge Music Publishing Ltd
Publisher 2 Percentage: 50%
Publisher 2 PRO: PRS
Publisher 2 CAE/IPI: 388627211
Writer : Ian Bavitz
Writer Percentage: 100%
Writer CAE/IPI: 430252208
ISRC: GB6LT1700541
Custom Track ID: 13426